• Popular Beliefs – Apparitions
    The dead no longer come out. When the dead came out, tales of apparitions were the order of the day, as they often appeared, either out of a simple desire […]
  • At the Tamarind’s Foot – The City
    The first teacher that Santa Clara had was a native of Jamaica, invalid, called Blas Martín who taught the first letters to the children free of charge as far back […]
  • At the Tamarind’s Foot – Foundation
    On June 1, 1689, the authorities of the town council of Remedio, the mayor Miguel Rodriguez and the alderman Antonio Diaz de Acevedo, sent a letter to the highest Spanish […]
  • At the Tamarind’s Foot – Decisions
    I have never understood why our city lost the tradition of celebrating its birthdays; I have searched the archives and asked the elders: -Nobody knows! And one day when the […]
  • The Prohet talk about cubans
    From a rock in the port, the Prophet contemplated the white sail of the ship that was to take him to his land. A mixture of sadness and joy flooded […]